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This sub goes loud but it sounds flabby and lacks definition – there are now better options out there
Solid, compact build
wireless connectivity option
lots of weight
goes loud
A touch flabby, which means it isn’t the fastest
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We've become quite the flag-wavers for American company Audioengine, thanks to a good selection of desktop PC speakers that will get the best from your digital music.

The company is no stranger to the subwoofer market either. We've looked at this 11in square, front-ported Audioengine subwoofer before, and were impressed.

Build quality remains high, with screw-in feet providing a sturdy base for the smooth, elegantly finished box.

It remains a well-connected machine, too. Alongside its own power connection, you'll find a built-in AC outlet for connecting a wireless adaptor such as Apple's Airport Express or Audioengine's own W2 wireless adaptor (yours for around £125).

There are line level and minijack inputs present and correct, too.

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Plenty of weight When we first heard the S8, we were impressed by its compact, weighty, loud and proud sound.

Listening to the unmistakeable rumble of the Batmobile in The Dark Knight, there's still plenty of weight and it goes reasonably deep, but there's a definite flabbiness to bass notes and a lack of tonal definition.

What's more, while the sub looks easy on the eye, the cabinet is prone to rattling when really pushed, which is, naturally, never a good thing.

A year is a long time and there are now better options at this price-point.


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Audioengine S8
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