T+A launches two high-end streaming DACs and a CD/SACD transport

High-end German hi-fi manufacturer T+A has added three new products to its flagship HV line of separates.

The SD 3100 HV (pictured above) and SDV 3100 HV are both streaming DACs, the only difference being the 'SDV' can also double as a pre-amplifier.

Both models will play 32-bit/768kHz files, and DSD 1024 (also known as Quad DSD) and boast built-in support for Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz music streaming services.

Both machines also include FM, internet and DAB+ radio, aptX Bluetooth, asynchronous USB inputs and there's even a HDMI input and ARC-enabled HDMI output.

In keeping with other products in T+A's HV range, they feature solid aluminium chassis across the board and separate mains sections and power supplies for their analogue and digital sections.

If you're looking for a source to connect to the SD 3100 HV, T+A's new PDT 3100 HV (pictured above) could be the perfect partner.

This CD/SACD transport uses a brand new decoder and drive mechanism and boasts a top-loading design complete with a puck to secure discs in place.

Besides optical, coaxial and BNC S/P-DIF digital outputs, the transport also uses T+A's new proprietary connection, IPA Link. T+A claims it allows for high-speed and precise streams of data, aided by an accurate clock mechanism.

Temped? Well, you'll need pretty deep pockets if you want a piece of the action. The PDT 3100 HV transport costs £13,996/$22,500, the SD 3100 HV streaming DAC will set you back £21,990/$35,000, while opting for the pre-amp-toting SDV version ups the cost to £23,400/$37,500.


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