Systemline builds Apple's AirPlay into active ceiling speakers for 'no system' sound

New from custom installation specialist Systemline is an AirPlay-enabled active ceiling speaker system, allowing the user to walk into a room and play music directly from an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Systemline AirWay is available as a £599 starter pack containing everything you need to install the stereo speaker system.

The package includes a pair of active speakers, a pre-configured Apple AirPort Express, power supply, optical digital and CAT-5 cables and fixtures and fittings.

The speakers are connected using the CAT-5 cable, while the AirPort Express and power supply hook up to a Smart Plate.

When installed, AirWay creates what the company describes as 'the least intrusive multi-room system ever devised' – a hi-fi system with no visible components.

It's a single-zone system, but multiple set-ups could be installed and used on the same network, in which case they'll appear in AirPlay as separate rooms, and can be selected as you move around the house. Or, of course, different iOS devices can access each room.

AirWay turns itself on when music is detected and switches off after five minutes of no music, and Systemline says 'because there is no need for room-to-room wiring, connection is simple and a competent ‘DIY’ enthusiast could comfortably install it themselves.'

Systemline brand manager Paul Hilditch says that 'Not that long ago, if you wanted to enjoy the benefits of an installed music system, you would probably have needed to wire your entire home, as well as calling upon the services of a specialist Custom Installer.

'However, more and more content is being delivered directly to smart mobile devices, including such services as Spotify and very recently iTunes Match.

'Such changes mean that there is now no need to have your PC switched on to stream music – there's no need for the PC at all!

'Put simply, Systemline Airway makes installed music systems both more accessible and affordable.'

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