Eton dealer will demonstrate state-of-the-art CD players and high-resolution streaming devices

StudioAV in Eton is running a special 'Digital' event on Saturday, April 21st.

The idea is to explain and demonstrate lots of new streaming formats, as well as CD, using a variety of hi-fi equipment. They'll have the following kit set up and running for the event: Sonos Connect, Play:3, Play:5                from £279NAD C446 Media Tuner                           £695Linn Majik DS                                        £1880Naim Uniti                                             £2495Naim NDX                                             £3250Linn Akurate DSM                                  £5600                                      dCS Scarlatti                                         £POAPS Audio PefectWave                             £4995 The dealership will also have a dCS Debussy to add to this selection on Saturday and various CD players (NAD, dCS, Levinson, Naim) that they can "throw into the mix" if customers wish. StudioAV is based at 44 High Street, Eton, Berkshire, SL4 6BL. Call them on 01753 631000 for further details.

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