Striking Serene Audio speakers arrive in the UK

Now available in the UK are the hand-built speakers from Canadian company Serene Audio, which are being distributed by Berkshire-based HiFiCinema.

The speakers, which use single full-range drivers, are available in either active or passive versions, and in a range of finishes combining solid bamboo and leather-effect trim. There's natural bamboo with black trim, and the slight darker caramel bamboo, available with either black or white trim.

They're made by Serene Audio in Vancouver, and below you can watch a video showing the manufacturing process.

Three models are available: the Talisman, the Paisley shown at the top of this story, and the Pebble. All three use the same 7.5cm full-range driver (above) to cover 70Hz-20kHz: it's a custom-made driver with an underhung voice-coil, while the active versions have a built-in 40W amplifier in one of the speakers, along with a headphone amp and auto-detecting subwoofer output.

The left speaker connects to the right 'master' using conventional speaker cable.

Digital signal processing is employed to ensure signal integrity from input to drivers, and the subwoofer output detects when a sub is connected, and automatically rolls off the speakers at 120Hz, offloading the bass to the sub.

Meanwhile the passive versions have 8ohm impedance and 84dB/W/m sensitivity, and all the speakers have a rear-venting port.

The asymmetric shapes are designed to break up standing waves within the cabinets, while also minimising the effects of diffraction waves for better dispersion in the room.

The Talisman (above), which stands 20.3cm tall, is £299 a pair in passive form, or £379/pr in the active version, with Serene Audio saying 'Its organic yet modern shape is inspired from the trunk of an old oak tree. Besides, we thought it just looks cool!'

The Pebble is 16.5cm tall, and again sells for £299/pr passive, or £379/pr active: Serene says 'Cool, calm, and collected, the Pebble sits like a rock undaunted by the labours of life.'

Finally the Paisley is 28cm tall, and is £339/pr in the passive version, or £419 active. And what's going on with that design? 'The smooth curves and dynamic design of the paisley pattern was once a traditional icon of life and eternity. Even today, this bold symbol continues to stand out as a sign of class and elegance.

'No matter the environment, the paisley speaker demands attention both visually and audibly for its exotic aesthetic and high-quality sound. Beyond its sleek composition, natural materials and detailed engineering sustain the longevity of this artifact for years to come.

'Never out of style, never to be lost in history, and never to disappoint, the paisley speaker is a relic among audio technology.'

HiFi Cinema has also just been appointed the UK distributor for Trends Audio, whose little BA-10 biamplifier system got the hands-on treatment here a couple of months back. There's a new dedicated Trends Audio section on the company's website.

Written by Andrew Everard

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