Sony's E4000 flatscreen TVs are a real work of art

Sony art

Cleverly disguised displaying artwork and surrounded by other pieces of art, the TVs are part of Sony's 'draw the LINE' design concept, which if nothing else seem to look pretty smart.

Looking to take this to the next level, Sony has teamed up with the Scream art gallery to create the first exhibition to showcase art on a 'digital canvas' such as this.

The week-long exhibition will start on July 7th and will feature a unique piece of art by Ronnie Wood alongside other artists' work.

Sony's E4000 Series has an innovative frame mode that allows images to be shown in 'high definition detail'. Available in 26, 32 and 40in sizes, the E4000 Series feature three HDMI inputs and the larger 32 and 40in models feature Full HD resolutions.