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Sony has new Bluetooth speakers, updating last year’s SRS series with the SRS-X55, SRS-X33 and the SRS-X11, which are set for release from April.

First up is the Sony SRS-X55. It features Sony’s LDAC technology, which boldly claims to be able to carry three times more data than existing wireless audio codecs. It is a 2.1 system (two 38mm drivers, one 58mm sub), and offers a total output of 30 watts.

It can be powered with a mains adaptor, but Sony says its battery will last up to 10 hours. No luck if you want it in fancy colours: it’s comes in black or white.

Next we have the Sony SRS-X33. It is a direct successor to the SRS-X3, but is 20 per cent smaller, measuring 185 x 60 x 59mm. There are two 34mm drivers (10 watts of power each), along with two passive radiators and a (claimed) 12-hour battery life. It, too, features LDAC technology. It will come in black, red, white and blue.

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At the bottom of the range is the Sony SRS-X11. It’s a tiny cube, measuring only 61mm on each side. Despite its stature, Sony has managed to pack in a 10-watt amplifier, a 45mm driver and two passive radiators.

A ‘Speaker Add’ function lets you connect two SRS-X11 units for a bit of stereo action. The speaker comes in five colours: black, white, pink, blue and red.

All of the new speakers have NFC (Near Field Communication) for easy Bluetooth pairing.

The SRS-X11 will be released in April 2015, while the SRS-X33 and SRS-X55 will come out in May. Prices to be announced.

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happy_hifi's picture

Not So Sure.

My experience of Sony speakers in general is really not good.

I will lay you odds that no new sony speakers get the full 5 stars from this magazine.

Hope I'm wrong. But.............................................................

Graham Luke's picture

How much?

If other recent Sony product launches are anything to go by, they will be ludicrously expensive.

If anyone can explain Sony's pricing strategy to me, I'd be most grateful.

MyWhatHiFi's picture

They ain't that bad ..

The curret SRS-X5 is a good purchase in my view. Sony currenty have it on sale for under £100.  I've had one for months and its got great, punchy, reliable sound.