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8K TV deal: save 49% on the excellent Sony KD-85ZG9

8K TV deal: save 49% on the excellent Sony KD-85ZG9
(Image credit: Sony)

Some TV and home cinema deals make us smile. Others make us double-take. But the extra-special ones make us stand bolt upright from our desks and knock over our coffee – and this is one such deal.

The Sony KD-85ZG9 doesn't just have an 8K panel featuring 85 inches of stunning 8K resolution. Upon reviewing it, we said right from the get-go: "you’ve got to really want to be at the bleeding edge of TV tech and you need to have extremely deep pockets. But if those two statements describe you, there’s really no downside to the KD-85ZG9. If we were in the market for an 8K TV, this is the one we’d buy."

As you can see, it's safe to say that our only serious reservations about this 2019 Sony 8K TV were the amount of 8K content out there, and the significant asking price. Now, however, not only is more 8K coverage planned (albeit expect a trickle, not a stream) but the price of this exceptional TV is massively more palatable. 

If you head over to Sevenoaks, your outlay is slashed from £13999 to 'just' £7199 – a 49 per cent saving on a Sony 8K TV we awarded our coveted five stars to. 

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Sony 8K KD-85ZG9 85-in TV £13999 £7199 at Sevenoaks (opens in new tab)
Utterly stunning 8K, punchy, vibrant and natural, excellent motion" and "very good sound" is just a selection of the praise we heaped upon this TV under review. The price has now been slashed to £7999 at Sevenoaks, but add the voucher code 'GD10PC' at check-out and you'll get a further 10% (or £799) off: stunning. 

This 85-inch set has been reduced to £7999 at Sevenoaks, but add the code "GD10PC" at check-out and an extra 10 per cent will be lopped off that reduced price – leaving you with £7199 to pay. 

If you weren't in the market before, you just might be now. Because, to repeat the words in our review, "when the lights go down, boy, does the ZG9 provide a cinematic experience". 


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