SHOW NEWS: Arcam expands Solo range with 2.1 model

Arcam's Solo has become a trio, with the arrival of a third model, the Solo 2.1, alongside the existing Solo and Solo Movie models. The new Solo fits between the stereo and 5.1-channel versions in price terms, too - it will sell for £1450 - and like the other two can also connect with an iPod using the company's rDock or rLead.

The Solo 2.1 will play DVD-Video, CD, DVD-A and SACD, and has a built-in DAB/FM tuner plus 2x50W amplifier. It avoids any 'pseudo-surround' processing, concentrating instead on optimal audio quality, but it does have a second zone output for multiroom use, complete with its own volume control.

Built-in video scaling will boost DVDs to 720p/1080i, and the Solo 2.1 has both an HDMI output and two HDMI inputs for external sources, as well as Scart and component switching. RS232, infrared and 12V trigger connections are also provided for integration with custom installations.

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