Sennheiser marks 75 years with HD800 S Anniversary Edition headphones

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

To celebrate 75 years of audio history, Sennheiser is releasing a special collector’s edition – limited to 750 units worldwide – of its excellent HD800 S headphones. 

It's been a few years since we tested the originals, but when we did, we concluded: "Sennheiser’s latest high-end headphones are a treat, and a clear step up from the standard version", adding, "if sensational sound quality is your priority, these headphones are worth an audition".

The Anniversary Edition comes in an exclusive matte gold colour, and each unit is made truly unique by a laser engraving of the individual serial number on the headband.

A listed frequency range of 4 to 51,000 Hz is just one aspect that has made the HD800 S a popular choice. Another is the diaphragm of the headphones’ 56mm transducer, which is made of Sennheiser’s patented duofol-transducer material and promises to keep total harmonic distortion at less than 0.02 percent. 

Additionally, Sennheiser’s innovative absorber technology boasts a reduction of the so called “masking effect”, an acoustic phenomenon that arises as the human ear is unable to perceive higher-pitched sounds that have low-volumes, while significantly louder sounds in a lower frequency range occur. The patented technology promises to neutralise the energy of the resonances, thus preventing any unwanted peaks in the frequency response. 

The circum-aural earcups were developed with meticulous attention to detail as well; the design directs the sound waves to the ears at a slight angle to create a natural and spatial sound experience.

The HD800 S Anniversary Edition is handcrafted at Sennheiser's headquarters in Wedemark, Germany. Sennheiser uses glass-fiber strengthened plastic to create the headphones’ light but durable housing, the earpads are made from a soft vegan velour material for optimal comfort, while the grid and grilles have been crafted from a stainless-steel mesh. 

The matte gold yoke, decor ring and shell ring do give the HD800 S Anniversary Edition a unique and striking look. Each of the 750 units in the collector’s edition has its serial number laser-engraved on the headband too – how's that for one-of-a-kind cans?

The Sennheiser HD800 S Anniversary Edition will be available from 22nd September for £1399 at the Sennheiser webshop, Sennheiser stores and at selected retail partners. But we'd hurry. (And when international pricing is known, we'll update this page). 


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