Sennheiser drops more hints about 70th anniversary headphones

Sennheiser's new statement headphone system was revealed with much fanfare last month, though the company opted to give away only the bare minimum information.

A Carrera marble design, new 2.4mm drivers and the promise of an ultra-wide frequency range were the key specs, plus we got a look at the thing itself - abeit from a distance. Now there's a little more information.

An update to the Sennheiser website states the following about its forthcoming "monument to sound":

Ultra-high impulse fidelity - The monument to sound ushers in a new era of audio excellence. Its ultra-high impulse fidelity patented amplifier stage in the headphones increases efficiency by 200% over other currently available sound reproduction equipment.

Monumental purity - Crafted without compromise, the sound rises from the amplifiers through the 99.9% silver-plated cables, chosen for optimum conductivity. When it flows to the ear, a sound never before experienced is born.

Isolated from airborne noise - Nothing stands in the way of the listening pleasure created by this monument to sound. Not even airborne noise: High-quality quartz bulbs around the vacuum tubes eliminate all acoustic noise from the outside world.

Sennheiser CEO, Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, referred to the product last month as "a new benchmark in excellence in the high-end audio world".

Is it an all-new flagship headphone and amp? Or a new addition to the famous Orpheus range? We await full details, and of course a chance to hear it in action...

You can read more about the new Sennheiser product in last month's news story.

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