Sennheiser HD 418
Five new models start with open-backed HD408 for £40

New from Sennheiser is the five-strong HD 400 headphone range, which includes the £40 open-backed HD 408 and four closed-back designs.

The whole range is designed for both mobile and home use, with high efficiency, neodymium magnets and ultra-light diaphragms.

The HD 408s are optimised for iPods and other portable players, and have a flexible headband for comfort, while the £50 HD 418, pictured, is the first of the closed-back designs, to block out external noise, and has a striking graphic design on the side of the earpieces. The £65 HD 428 has a ToughRubber finish for durability, while the £75 HD 438 comes with two detachable cables – one 1.4m long, the other 3m.

Completing the range is the £85 HD 448, and all five models come with Sennheiser's two-year guarantee. They're available now.