Save £55 on a five-star Audio Technica AT-LP3 turntable

Looking to get on the vinyl bandwagon? Start your search with this excellent budget Audio Technica AT-LP3 turntable that's on an even more reduced price than before. 

Now available for just £144 in black (down from £199), this AT-LP3 is an even better option than when we first tested it in 2017 – and promptly gave it five stars for its seamless blend of features and performance. 

The Audio Technica deck has a built-in phono stage, is easy to set up, and it's fully automatic – you just have to press a button to get the tonearm in place to play your records, and the needle lifts itself at the end, too. Ideal for first-time users who may not be confident in placing the needle on the groove themselves every time.

Sound-wise, the AT-LP3 is expressive and musical, with a full-bodied and detailed performance with very little to fault at this budget price. Unlike other trendy budget turntables, it treats your records with respect – just add this turntable to equally talented speakers and amplifier, and you've got yourself a great budget system.


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Audio Technica AT-LP3 review

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