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If you need a pair of speakers, you're in luck, because Q Acoustics' impressive 3000i range is on discount. Check out the 3010i, 3020i, 3030i, 3050i, and 3090i speakers all on discount over at Amazon, thanks to these holiday deals.

In our Q Acoustics reviews, the 3010i, 3020i, 3030i, and 3050i speakers all earned stunning five-star scores from us. Put simply, if you need an excellent speaker, the Q Acoustics 3000i line is a great place to start. 

Q Acoustics 3000i speakers holiday sales 

Q Acoustics 3010i was $329, now $279 (save $50)

Q Acoustics 3010i was $329, now $279 (save $50)
These hi-fi speakers offer up an overall refined and detailed sound profile, entertaining rhythmics, forgivable positioning, likable balance, and richness in the low-end. Plus, they won't break the bank.

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Q Acoustics 3020i was $449, now $381 (save $68)

Q Acoustics 3020i was $449, now $381 (save $68)
The 3020is from Q Acoustics sport a warm, rich sound packed with robust bass and precise treble alongside some sweeping dynamics, too. The cabinets might be a bit deep, but these are some excellent speakers.

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Q Acoustics 3030i was $549, now $466 (save $83)

Q Acoustics 3030i was $549, now $466 (save $83)
The 3030i features an overall insightful, expressive listening experience with well-integrated bass and an excellent build quality. Competition may be fierce, but these are some excellent speakers, especially on sale.

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Q Acoustics 3050i was$499, now $424 (save $75)

Q Acoustics 3050i was $499, now $424 (save $75)
These excellent loudspeakers offer up a punchy performance, a wide soundstage, smart finish, and they're even flexible with positioning, too. For the price, it's hard to say there are any major faults here.

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Q Acoustics 3090i was $289, now $245 (save $44)

Q Acoustics 3090i was $289, now $245 (save $44)
This center channel speaker features twin 4-inch precision drivers and a 0.9-inch precision driver designed for a home theater experience. Plus, you can save nearly $50 with this Amazon deal.


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