Samsung is rounding up support for its dynamic metadata technology - licensing is due to begin in January 2018

Just in case you were starting to think you had all the exciting new TV technologies straight in your head, Samsung has announced a new partnership with Panasonic and 20th Century Fox to create an open dynamic metadata platform.  

The three companies are forming a licensing entity which will begin licensing the HDR10+ platform early next year. The entity will license the metadata to TV manufacturers, digital TV box and Blu-ray disc player manufacturers, and content companies. It will be an open, royalty-free platform - and, naturally, licensing will include associated certification and logos.

As you might imagine, each of the parties involved is extremely bullish about HDR10+ and its chances of prevailing in a market the majority of mainstream consumers have, at best, a limited grasp of.  

"We are committed to making the latest technology available in our TVs and are confident HDR10+ will... enhance the way you experience television programmes", said Samsung's Senior VP of Visual Display Business Jongsuk Chu.

The three-way alliance will announce further details at IFA in Berlin later this week, and intend to demonstrate HDR10+ technology at CES2018 in Las Vegas next January.


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