Reports suggest the biggest TV manufacturer in the world may never actually make an OLED TV, instead choosing to focus on quantum dot technology.

Samsung made plenty of noise at CES at the start of the year but in terms of Samsung TVs, it was arguably a touch quiet. There were new Samsung 4K TVs, led by the flagship 65KS9500, but there was still no sign of a Samsung OLED

Instead the focus was on quantum dot - and now it looks like Samsung may be set to skip OLED altogether in favour of the next step in quantum dot technology, QLED.

ET News in Korea reports a "high-ranking" Samsung official, who claims the company is now planning on skipping straight to QLED: "Although we had been developing and paying careful attention to OLED technologies, there are problems regarding age and production cost with large products since they use organic material. VD Business Department is making a new roadmap for next-generation TVs,” says the employee. 

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The key issues with OLED remain the high production cost, low yield (the number of screens manufactured that are good enough to use) and so-so durability. QLED screens, which remove the need for an LCD panel and instead create a picture using the quantum dots, are likely to be cheaper and longer-lasting - and could, ultimately, deliver a better picture.

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But all this won't be any time soon. Samsung's SUHD quantum dot displays were only released this year and it's expected to be a few years before QLED is sufficiently developed and ready for mass production. 

However, it is looking increasingly possible that we won't see any Samsung OLED TVs, potentially leaving rival LG to rule the OLED TV roost.

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QLED? This is the first time I've heard of this technology...interesting and I thought OLED was the ultimate in display technology before going full Holographic!

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These new Quantum dot displays are really vivid and bright HOWEVER owning one for 2 weeks led me to see at least 1 new dead led on the screen each morning. In the end along with the fact the tv wouldn't do deep color from a pc without flickering I swapped it for the new top of the line Sony which although not as bright certainly is reliable and well built. KS8000 was my failing TV.

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Samsung PR

Have to hand it to the Samsung machine, they certainly know how to launch an effective PR campaign against other competing products and manufacturers. Especially those it knows it cannot compete with based on pure picture quality, ie. OLED vs LED.

SUHD was quite clever, something 'super' new UHD yet wrapped up in an old LCD container.

Next it will be OLED vs QLED. You can imagine the PR machine beginning to whirr. OLED is as far removed from LCD technology as VHS is from UHD. Shame OLED's biggest mistake was being mislabelled as something related to LED, given the similarity in naming.

i feel sorry for the AV journalists having to report, or rather regurgitate, this basically non-story based on a claim from an anonymous source via a second hand news outlet.

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Seems like Samsung is way

Seems like Samsung is way ahead of its competitors.