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Samsung confirms details for UHD Video Pack for 4K TVs

We've been crying out for 4K content in the UK and the latest nugget of good news on this front comes from Samsung.

The Korean giant has just released more details on its forthcoming UHD Video Pack, which will hit the shops around the same time as Samsung's 2014 Ultra HD TVs.

The pack will take the form of a 1TB, USB 3.0 hard drive which will come pre-loaded with five movies and three documentaries, all in 4K resolution. The movies will include Wolverine, The Counselor, World War Z and G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

The pack itself will be an optional extra. Samsung hasn't confirmed the price, but rumours suggest something around the €300 mark.

Unfortunately, if you own a Ultra HD TV from a rival brand, you won't be able to use the pack – Samsung has told us it's only compatible with, you guessed it, Samsung TVs.

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On the plus side, a further 50 titles (movies and documentaries) will be made available for download over the course of 2014, and you'll be able access and store these on the hard drive free of charge.

At a recent demonstration we saw The Counselor clocked in at 34GB, so you should have enough room for around 30 downloads before you'll need to start culling them from the hard drive.

There's no word on the audio formats being used for the content, but we're chasing Samsung for further information.

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by Andy Madden

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