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Rara Music launches as streaming rival to Spotify

RARA Music

Get set for a new streaming music service in the shape of Rara Music.

Rara Music aims to make the business of streaming music simpler for those yet to try one of the existing services.

An easy to navigate interface and pre-programmed stations of music are reportedly two key features, helping people to find the music they want to listen to more easily.

Rara Music has been set-up by the founder of Omnifone, which currently powers music services for the likes of Sony and Research in Motion.

The subscription service is set to have a similar pricing model to existing services, according to AllThingsD, with £5/month and £10/month options.

The latter service will give mobile access, as is standard for the premium model, with an Android app available now and an iOS app to follow.

HP will also be integrating the service on some of its computers and offering trials at reduced rates.

More news on Rara Music as and when we get it...

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