Q Acoustics 3000c is the entry-level speaker range we've been waiting six years for

Q Acoustics 3000c speaker range in wood finish
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It may be counterintuitive to launch an entry-level range at the High End Munich show, but this is quite a big deal for Q Acoustics. The new Q Acoustics 3000c speaker range is the latest generation of the brand's most popular, most affordable and well-regarded series – the previous 3000 and 3000i series boast multiple five-star reviews and What Hi-Fi? Award wins – and it's been six years since the last generation. Can it repeat the success of its forebears?

The third-gen 3000c series consists of five models: three bookshelf/standmount models in increasing sizes, one floorstanding pair and a centre channel for creating a home cinema package. Q Acoustics aims to deliver "a sonic performance and high-quality design and build way beyond its class" with the 3000c speakers, with prices starting at a modest £329/$399.

Key to the new range is the incorporation of the Continuous Curved Cone (C3) midrange/bass driver, which was first introduced in the step-up Q Acoustics 5000 series and proved to perform well as the five-star 5050 and 5040 reviews show. This newly developed driver combines the advantages of a straight-sided cone with that of a flared cone, aiming to deliver better bass quality while integrating better with the high frequencies. Q Acoustics claims the C3 driver allows you to position these speakers closer to walls, while it is "more resistant to standing waves within the cabinet".

The cabinets feature Point to Point bracing (another Q Acoustics technology first seen in flagship Concept 300 and Concept 500 speakers), which aims to minimise low-frequency reverberation for better stereo imaging and soundstaging.

Q Acoustics 3020c speakers in white finish on stands in a minimalist room

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The tweeter used in all models is "hermetically sealed" and mechanically isolated from the front baffle, which help to reduce mechanical vibrations generated by the mid/bass driver and internal pressure changes from the cabinet. In the 3050c floorstander, there are Helmholtz Pressure Equaliser tubes (also first seen in the premium Concept 500) that are designed to reduce the build up of standing waves to ensure low distortion levels and improve frequency response.

The 3000c all retain a classic, minimal and clean look we've come to expect from Q Acoustics, with further refinements in the design, such as satin metallic driver trims. All speakers will be available in four new finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Walnut, Satin White and Satin Black.

Q Acoustics 3050c speakers in four different finishes

(Image credit: Q Acoustics)

All models in the new 3000c range will be available from August 2024, with pricing as follows:

– Q Acoustics 3010c bookshelf: £329 / €399 / $399
– Q Acoustics 3020c standmounter: £399 / €499 / $499
– Q Acoustics 3030c large standmounter: £499 / €649 / $649
– Q Acoustics 3050c floorstander: £899 / €1199 / $1199
– Q Acoustics 3090c centre channel: £299 / €399 / $399

Additionally, two 5.1 surround speaker packages will also be available: the 3010c 5.1 package with four 3010c bookshelf speakers with 3060s subwoofer, and the 3050c 5.1 package with the 3050c floorstanding pair as front speakers and QB12 subwoofer. Pricing for these packages is TBC. 

The Q Acoustics 3000c series will be on demo throughout the High End Munich 2024 show, from 9th to 12th May.


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