Elac unveils a new range of sleek high-end floorstanding and bookshelf speakers

Elac Vela 2.0 range
(Image credit: Elac)

High-end German manufacturer Elac has announced its new Vela 2.0 range of home cinema speakers.

The new Vela 2.0 series comprises six models:

• Three floorstanding speakers: the FS407.2, FS408.2 and FS409.2.
• Two bookshelf speakers: the BS403.2 and BS404.2
• One centre channel speaker, the CC401.2.

We have been very impressed with the Elac speakers we have tested recently, such as the Debut B5.2 which earned a five-star review and an Award in 2023, so we are looking forward to hearing these new models in action.

All the speakers feature a new version of Elac’s Jet 6 Air Motion Transformer ribbon tweeter, its ‘Crystal Membrane’ AS-XR cone woofer configuration, and bass reflex enclosures. For example, the floorstanders in the range have a bass reflex port on the underside of the speaker.

The flagship and largest floorstander, the FS409.2, is designed in a three-and-a-half-way configuration which combines two 7-inch woofers with a 6-inch mid-woofer and a Jet 6 tweeter. They are priced at $4300 per pair in gloss walnut or $4000 in gloss black or white. 

The FS408.2 and FS407.2 floorstanders are both two-and-a-half-way designs and include two woofers (7- or 6-inches respectively). The 408.2 speakers are priced at $3700 per pair in walnut or $3500 for a pair in black or white, while the 407.2 pair cost $3200 or $3000 for the same respective finishes. The CC401.2 centre-channel speaker costs $2300 in walnut, black, or white, and houses a Jet 6 tweeter flanked by a 6-inch woofer on either side.

The bookshelf speakers in the range, the BS404.2 and BS403.2, are two-way designs and feature a single woofer (7- or 6-inches) with the same Jet 6 tweeter. The 404.2 speakers are priced at £3200 / $3700 for a pair in walnut or £3000 / $3500 in white or black, while the 403.2 speakers cost £2000 / $3200  in walnut or £1900 / $3000 in white or black. 

All speakers in the Vela 2.0 series come with a fabric grille, however, you can also choose to upgrade to a metal grille that is attached magnetically. The range is expected to ship in early May 2024 and we have reached out to Elac for full UK pricing.


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