PSB's high-performance subwoofer wants to eliminate low-end resonance from your listening

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PSB Speakers has unveiled its latest subwoofer that aims to "all but eliminate distortion and unwanted resonances" from your home cinema or speaker setup. Slated as a high-performance model, the new SubSeries BP8 powered subwoofer makes some bold sonic claims, but can it live up to them when push comes to shove?

The BP8 comes equipped with dual 20cm drivers and nCore amplification technology, the latter of which aims to give your music some serious power to "deliver epic dynamics for those big moments". The precision-engineered sub also comes fitted with a variable crossover and phase control, as well as line-level RCA inputs and a 12-volt trigger.

The 500-watt amp sports a crafted cabinet that has been engineered "with an emphasis on rigidity and acoustic neutrality", with PSB aiming to banish unwanted resonances and distortions for more effective sonic precision, especially at the low end. It is a subwoofer, after all, so proper bass performance is unsurprisingly a key priority. 

PSB SubSeries BP8 next to a floorstander and amp on a cabinet

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The unit's dual drivers are arranged within a bi-polar configuration for more immersive bass reproduction, with both units sporting woven carbon fibre cones and rubber surrounds accompanied by powered voice coils and 45-ounce magnet structures. All of this should lead, says PSB, to a bass performance that is not only deep and forceful but clear and controlled, too.

The new sub continues to pursue greater low-end musicality courtesy of its bespoke driver array and cone construction, which give the sub greater responsiveness and higher sonic accuracy. The unit's "IsoAcoustics" feet, meanwhile, aim to further reduce any unwanted vibrations that could distort the fidelity of your sound. Heaven forbid!

The PSB SubSeries BP8 will be available from March 2024 in satin black or satin white for a retail price of $1499 (further prices pending).


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