PROMOTED: Hear the future of sound in London

There’s always been a choice when it comes to audio tech. CD or downloads? MiniDisc or DCC? Tape or 8-track? Vinyl or… wax cylinder? OK, maybe not that. But one thing is certain: as audio buffs we’re always searching for the thing that will make our music come alive.

And that question is even more important today, where an army of streaming services, equipment and playback tech is knocking at your lugholes.

That’s why Sevenoaks Sound and Vision; lossless streaming service TIDAL; playback specialists NAD/Bluesound; speaker stalwarts PMC and high-res trailblazers Sony are coming together to host an evening dedicated to helping you get the most from your tunes – and your ears.

You’ll find out how to access high-quality music from any device, get special demonstrations of streamed music and top-notch kit, learn how to choose the right equipment and see some music myths busted.

It’s hosted at The Brewery in central London on Thursday June 11 from 6pm, there’ll be snacks and drinks, and you’ll come away with all the knowhow you need to enjoy the best-quality audio possible. Also, it’s free.

Places are limited, though, so don’t dally with signing up. Click here for more information.