Promoted: Classical music… your way

Primephonic will revolutionise the way you understand and experience classical music. As well as being an online store with tens of thousands of superb pieces to download in brilliantly high-quality formats, it’s an immersive, expert, and interactive community.

With music sourced from the world’s leading labels and small-batch bespoke independents, primephonic delivers access to a huge range of styles at the very best sound-quality possible. And it can support and educate its audience with extensive background information (from leading authorities) covering every classical music topic imaginable. Plus there’s a solid online community with opinions and advice to spare.

If you’re dipping your toe into the world of classical music for the first time, primephonic is a friendly, informed guide. If you’re already a committed lover of classical music, primephonic will demonstrate the extraordinary advantages of high-resolution audio. Either way, it’ll help you experience classical music like never before.

Enhanced features for Audiophiles

Every piece of audio delivered to Primephonic is checked by some of the most respected classical engineers in the world – which means that, if a file says ‘DSD’ on it, you know it’s a definitely DSD, and not simply and upsampled WAV track (if the Primephonic staff detect one of these, it goes in the reject bin straight away). To prove that each track passes the test, it comes with its own spectogram – uploaded to every album page.

And, to make it even easier to access your purchased tracks whenever you want, there’s a free download manager. (After all, who wants to spend hours downloading individual high-res files?) You can be sure you’re getting the right files too: everything in the Primephonic catalogue has a digital signature to ensure its authenticity.

What’s there to listen to?

Genres? All of them, basically. From medieval and renaissance, through baroque and romantic to 20th-century and contemporary works, primephonic has the length and breadth of classical music covered.

Quality to suit your system

High-quality Stereo 44.1kHz/16bit files, identical to CD standard and an audio treat.

Premium-quality Stereo or surround 88.2, 96,167.4, 192kHz/24-bit, studio-quality FLAC files – a massive step up from CD, bringing more colour, more detail and more expression to the music you love.

Premium Pro-quality Stereo or surround DSD. If you want the sensation of being there in the studio at the moment of recording, you can’t get any closer.


High-quality downloads typically cost around £9.50 per 60-90 minute piece, while the Premium-quality equivalent is more like £13 for a stereo download (multichannel Premium-quality generally costs £15 or so). Premium Pro-quality stereo material will set you back around £20, while the multichannel equivalent is no more than £22.

Download and win!

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