PMC to launch in-wall hi-fi speaker range at CEDIA Expo

PMC launches in-wall hi-fi speaker range at CEDIA Expo
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Not everyone can afford a bespoke custom installation for their hi-fi or home cinema system, but for those who can British speaker specialist PMC has five new products in the pipeline.

Making their debut at CEDIA Expo in the US this week are the PMC ci140 and ci140sub, with four additional models – the ci30, ci45, ci90slim and ci65 – following in the first quarter of 2020. The four smaller models in the range are two-way designs, the flagship ci140 is a three-way design with four bass drivers.

The ci Series incorporates PMC's proprietary technologies and audio quality from its award-winning audiophile speakers and studio monitors. All are designed with a shallow depth for wall mounting and all models, apart from the ci140 and ci140sub, are also designed to be used in-wall.

Drive units used in the ci models include the LT woofer and the longer throw and higher power handling version, the LTx, with their 13cm (5.25in) natural fibre cones, a 5cm (2in) dome midrange and a 27mm (1.1in) dome tweeter. The cabinets all feature PMC’s Advance Transmission Line (ATL) bass loading technology and Laminair vents, plus a hand-built, precision crossover.

A solid, milled aluminium front panel ensures high rigidity, no cabinet flex and maximum damping effect, says PMC.

All ci speakers are supplied in a black finish, with square perforated bezel-less metal grilles in black or white.


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