one-day "April Fools Madness" sale

Looks like these offers are limited-number - some deals are already over. Best get bargain-hunting quickly....

Original story

We've spotted some great discounts in's one-day April Fools Madness sale: here are our favourites, complete with direct links to the deals.

Blu-ray bargains

The Godfather Trilogy Blu-ray boxset- £17.99

Dirty Harry Blu-ray boxset - E15.99

Apocalypto - £4.99

300 - £7.99

Gran Torino - £7.99

Troy Director's Cut - £6.99 (an excellent edition, incidentally...)

Sweeney Todd - £6.99

Beowulf Director's Cut - £6.99

Terminator 2 - Judgment Day - £5.99

Zodiac Director's Cut - £6.99

DVD deals

Monsters vs Aliens - £2.99

Harry Brown - £8.99

Predator Quadriliogy Boxset - £6.99

There are also some great games deals including XBox version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 - for £24.99, plus cut-price memory cards.

We've availed ourselves of some of these offers already today, so we know the prices aren't a joke!