Pioneer to run a series of 'Sound Sessions' around the UK

Pioneer Sound Sessions

The company says its Sound Sessions will give customers the chance to explore "the very best in home entertainment" and encourage "personal interaction" with the products being demonstrated.

Members of the Pioneer Home Product Team will be on hand at each of the events to help visitors create the optimum sound set-up for their own home entertainment system.

Customers are encouraged to bring along their own music and movies to the dealer sessions.

The dates and locations of the Pioneer Sound Sessions are as follows:

March 4th: Moss of Bath, Bath (6pm-8.30pm)

March 6th: Sevenoaks, Sheffield (10am-3pm)

March 9th: Stone Audio, Poole (6pm-8.30pm)

March 11th: Music Matters, Solihull (6pm-8.30pm)

March 13th: TLC Broadcast, London (10am-3pm)

March 16th: Leading Edge Concepts, Newcastle (6pm-8.30pm)

March 18th: Audio T, Portsmouth (6pm-8.30pm)

March 23rd: Soundcraft Hi-Fi, Ashford (6pm-8.30pm)

March 25th: Rayleigh Hi-Fi, Chelmsford (6pm-8.30pm)

March 27th: Unilet Sound & Vision, New Malden (10am-3pm)

March 30th: Home Cinema Centre, Edinburgh (6pm-8.30pm)

To register for a place at any of the above events, go to the Pioneer website or its Facebook events page.

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