Pioneer HDJ-500
Due out this November, the HDJ-500 looks to emulate high-end DJ headphones with a sub-£100 price tag

If you fancy yourself as a bedroom DJ – or even a more professional one – then Pioneer has a new set of headphones aimed squarely at your ears.

The HDJ-500 cans are the latest member of the Pioneer DJ headphone range and with a £90 price tag, they're the most affordable offering in the line-up.

Due out in red and black designs in November, there will also be a white model in January 2011.

The Pioneer HDJ-500 cans aim to major on a clearly produced low-mid range, helping to make kick and snare drums paricularly easy to hear.

The design naturally has DJing in mind, with a rotating arm structure that allows plenty of movement of the headband, plus an interchangeable side-mounted cord.

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