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NEWS: Two new Slingboxes unleashed

It's fair to say the original Slingbox transformed the way we could watch TV, turning computers of all sizes into portable TVs playing content beamed from your home. Now there are two new additions to the range...

The Slingbox PRO, previously only available in the US and Canada, and the Slingbox SOLO are now available in the UK, for £200 and £130 respectively, bringing extra functionality on top of the basic ability to 'sling' your TV content.

The PRO model boasts two s-video and two composite connections, plus an aerial input. Up to four inputs can be up and running at the same time, while you can use the aerial to make the most of the PRO unit's built-in digital and analogue TV tuners.

Coming complete with Sling Media's HD connect cable, this adds component video inputs and outputs that will allow you to beam HD content as well as standard resolution video around your network or the internet.

Alternatively, the SOLO also boasts aerial, composite, s-video and component connections, but can only take one feed at a time. There's also no built-in tuner, so you'll need to connect an existing digital set-top box or PVR.

Both boxes offer enhanced specification, now capable of outputting 16:9 video content at 640 x 480 resolution and streaming at 8mbps as opposed to 2.5mbps.