NEWS: Supercharge your system with Musical Fidelity's new 550K monoblocs

How much power do you need to reproduce the dynamics of music? A lot more than you think, according to Musical Fidelity: it points out that classical concert hall levels can often peak at 113-116dB, and says that most amplifiers can't drive speakers to that kind of level. Hence the arrival of the company's 550K Supercharger, designed to fit between your existing amplification and speakers.

The Supercharger is a simple monobloc amplifier, delivering a 550W output and delivering around 250 amps peak to peak. That gives it the dynamics required - in fact, the company says it will increase the dynamic range of most systems by 10dB or more.

It uses the power amp circuit from Musical Fidelity's kW550 power amp, but in a low-gain configuration, and is simply connected to the speaker end of your speaker cables, with fly-leads running to your speakers, as below.

Another advantage claimed for the amps, which cost £1499 each, is that they give your existing amplifier a much easier time - MF says an amp driving into the 550K Supercharger only needs to deliver 7% of the current it would if running directly into the speakers. That means the amp itself will perform better, in addition to the benefits of adding the Supercharger.

So how well does it work? We'll be testing it in the magazine very soon.

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