NEWS: Sony expands Bravia LCD TV range

Sony is further expanding its Bravia range of LCD televisions with the introduction of the flagship X3500/X3000 series.

There are four models in the X3500 range, available in 70in, 52in, 46in and 40in screen sizes. All have Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution and use the latest version of Sony's Bravia Engine Pro picture enhancement technology.

The X3000 series comes in two screen sizes – 46in and 40in – and again both have Full HD resolution. Customers can choose from a range of coloured bezels to suit their home decor.

All the new flagship TVs have a 24p (24 frames per second) True Cinema mode and Motionflow+ 100Hz technology.

Further down the Bravia line-up, there are new 26in and 20in screens in the S3000 Series, joining the 40in and 32in models.

And the W3000 series, with integrated high-definition tuner, Full HD and 24p True Cinema, now runs to 40in, 46in and 52in screen sizes.

If you want to add a Blu-ray system to your Bravia TV, Sony now offers the £800 HTP-BD2RSF home entertainment system (below). With this you get the BDP-S3000 Blu-ray disc player, partnered with the matching HT-SF2000 5.1 Home Theatre system and HTP-BDP-2RSF surround speakers.

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Andy Clough

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