NEWS: Sleek Audio serves up customisable headphones

With virtually all in-ear headphones, what you hear is what you get. If they don’t sound right, you either lump it or buy a better pair.

But things are about to change. American company Sleek Audio has just launched its SA6. These in-ear, sound-isolating headphones allow for some serious tinkering.

They can be custom tuned using the company’s Variable Equalisation System (VQ). Simply put, the ‘phones come with interchangeable filter tips that can influence both high and low frequencies. You can alter the sound to suit your musical taste.

Sleek Audio is also looking to launch a wireless version in Autumn ’08, but existing owners won't have to buy brand new headphones.

You can detach the cable from the actual headphone body so, in theory, you’ll be able swap it for a new cable fitted with a Bluetooth receiver.

Interested? The SA6s cost £140 and are available at Stay tuned for a full review in the September issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision.

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