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NEWS: Share MP3s - no wires, no PC

Here's a clever thing for iPod users. The MiShare connects two iPods together and shares music and playlists without the need for any cables or indeed a computer.

You can select whether it sends music, videos or photos, and whether you send one track or a whole batch in the form of a playlist. Not bad... but it is £60.

Still, price aside, it remains a clever way of swapping songs with your mates, and it really does look easy to do, but don't take our word for it – check out the video of the MiShare in action here.

The device runs via a USB 2.0 connection and claims a real world speed of around 500kb/sec transfer speed, meaning the average track at 192kbps would take less than 20 seconds, and a lossless track a minute or so.

While it isn't currently compatible with the iPhone or iPod Touch, MiShare does work with all mini, nano, video and classic iPods from the 3rd to the 6th generations.

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