NEWS: Latest Techlink cable goes to great lengths to boost HDMI convenience

The advice with HDMI cables, as with all interconnects, is to keep them as short as possible for the best quality. But what happens when your DVD player and AV receiver are on one side of the room and your TV on the other? Or when you want to run a cable through the walls and ceiling to a projector?

The answer, according to Techlink, is its Wires CR HDMI cable, available in 20m, 30m and 50m lengths, and claimed to have a 'high-bandwidth v1.3-compatible construction'.

Combined with Techlink's HDMI Passive Repeater (left), which plugs in between the end of the cable and your TV or projector and is powered by the 5V LV power line on HDMI connections, the cable is guaranteed to deliver 1080p in the two shorter lengths, while the 50m delivers 720p/1080i but 'may achieve 1080p depending on the source equipment'.

The cables use ultra-heavy-gauge oxygen-free conductors, and are well-shielded to maintain signal integrity. The 20m length is £199, the 30m £269 and the 50m £359, with the passive repeater selling for £59.

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