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NEWS: Intelliplug wins Innovation Award

In the past it may well have been hard to square your love of AV with your natural concern for the environment, but slowly but surely, it's becoming easier to offset your ravenous consumption of power.

Not only are TVs becoming more conscious of power usage, but we've also seen a few clever gadgets designed to help us conserve power further.

The Intelliplug is just one of those gadgets, and it's usefulness has now been rubber-stamped with a Queen's Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category.

OneClick, the company behind the Intelliplug, is rightly very chuffed with this Award, not least as it has a staff of only nine people working on its innovative, energy-saving products. The Intelliplug is all about turning off your AV peripherals when they're no longer in use, saving you power.

Peter Robertson, the company founder, explains: "The user simply plugs the peripherals into the Intelliplug, which then takes over. The plug has full range auto calibration allowing it to automatically determine the on/off power level of any desktop computer, hi-fi, AV amp or TV to then switch power to peripheral equipment only when in use.

All this, and more, is explained on the website here. The Intelliplug is calculated to pay back its price in energy savings in one year, and then naturally goes on to save you cash every year after. With a working life of 'one million clicks', that should be a decent wedge of cash...

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