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NEWS: Groove on the move

Allow us to introduce the ‘GrooveTransporter’ from Cygnett, the latest FM transmitter designed to send music wirelessly from your iPod to your car stereo. Let's just hope it works better than the slightly suspect name...

Compatible with the current iPod range, as well as MP3 players, PDAs and mobile phones, the GrooveTransporter allows you to transmits your tracks, audio books and podcasts to your car FM stereo.

How does it work? Simply match any of the wide range of FM channels (87.6 – 107.9) on your iPod screen to that on your car stereo to discover your music.

The cradle and remote control allow you to safely switch radio stations, change the volume and flick song tracks with ease – providing you can look in two places at once, that is.

This machine will also charge your iPod via the dock connector and, due to the fact it's self-powering, it wont drain your iPod's battery. Oh and before we forget... it has an all-important built-in thermometer – telling you just how hot or cold your music is. It's available now for £50.