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NEWS: Archos adds GPS system to its portable 605 wi-fi media player

Archos is blending navigation and entertainment with a new GPS system for its 605 WiFi enabled portable media player (PMP).

The GPS system comes with an in-car holder into which the Archos 605 is inserted, and it's connected to the car stereo system using the built-in line out. Maps are displayed on the colour 4.3in LCD touch screen on the 605.

The GPS in-car holder – which attaches to the car windscreen – can be sold separately for £99.99, or as a bundle with the 30GB player for £299.99.

Currently, the system supplies navigation support for 22 countries in Europe, with North American and Chinese versions set to follow.

Features of the GPS include speed camera location, route planning and traffic assistance in some countries, while route recalculation, advance signposting and lane assistance are also provided.

In a separate move Archos is also expanding the Contents Portal - launched in June last year - for its Gen 5 multimedia players. The portal has been boosted with the addition of music web platform Jamendo and German international broadcasting service Deutsche Welle.

The addition of Jamendo allows subscribers to download unlimited free and legal albums and tracks. May will also see the launch of the Archos Media Club (AMC) by Paramount, with 160 films initially to be on offer via the VOD (video-on-demand) platform launched in December last year.

Archos has also launched its TVportation feature that enables viewers to watch their home TV on portable devices wherever they go using the Archos TV+ as a streaming media server. It's available now for £29.99 as a plug in, or free to Archos website subscribers.

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