New Panasonic plasmas offer 60,000:1 contrast

Panasonic 65VX100_slant

The two new models are the TH-65VX100 (illustrated), which will be on sale in January, and the TH-50VX100, which hits the shops in February, but 'only' has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio.

The two new displays are of course 1080p 1920x1080-pixel models and, Panasonic says, use "enhanced high-quality image technologies accumulated in the development of the Professional Display PF series supplied for many commercial applications including at broadcasting stations and post production houses."

It adds that the screens employ "new-generation plasma display panels (PDP) equipped with a new structure in which a recently-developed 'Dynamic Black Layer' is positioned at the front end of the panel.

"Reducing the amount of predischarge to one-sixth that of the conventional models boosting the contrast ratio to the world's highest at 60,000:1, leading to exceptionally deeper, richer blacks.

"By incorporating the newly-developed phosphor material process technology and optical filter, the advanced plasma displays have extended the HDTV-standard colour gamut and cover almost the entire colour range currently used in digital cinema industries."

The new models have no fewer than 16 adjustment menus, covering parameters such as six gamma curve options and white balance adjustment, while an advanced memory function allows users to name and save settings.