Netflix has revamped its recommended programme for 2016 in an effort to get TV manufacturers to improve their sets, and this year the criteria are even tougher to meet.

The seven criteria a TV must meet to get the Netflix stamp of approval are: 

- TV instant on: the TV has to wake up and be ready to use right away

- TV resume: the TV has to turn on at the same place it was turned off

- Latest Netflix version: the TV has to come preinstalled with the latest update

- Fast app launch: Netflix has to be able to start up soon after turning the TV on

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- Fast app resume: Video content you were watching has to resume instantly when switching from another app or channel

- Netflix button: The TV remote has to have a Netflix button for fast launch

- Easy Netflix icon access: The Netflix app has to have a prominent location in the TV’s list of apps

To date only Sony and LG have managed to meet all seven criteria, with Samsung nowhere to be seen. Samsung didn’t meet the criteria in 2015 either.

The compatible LG sets are: UH6300 series, UH6500 series, UH7500 series, UH8500 series, UH9500 series and the G6 series.

Compatible Sony sets are the S85D series, X85 series, X93D series, X94D series, XD93 series, XD94 series, SD85 series and XD85 series.


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Graham Luke's picture

Never mind that the Sammy's

Never mind that the Sammy's may well produce the best images and value for money...

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Netflix like to be in control

I had to call Netflix customer services a few weeks back when I was having problems with their app on my Samsung.... It was very clear from the response that there is no love lost between the two brands. Even so, aside from one small blip the Netflix implementation on my TV is better than any other device I've tried.

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Well done Samsung

Well done Samsung for not cowtowing to netflix. Why should they be dictated to by them anyway? Personally, I can never find anything I want to watch on Netflix that I haven't already seen - it's a good job I don't pay for the subscription (someone else in the household does) or it would have been cancelled after the free trial!

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I'm not bothered by Netflix

I'm not bothered by Netflix or Samsung TV's.

But yeah, nice to see a company not pandering to the whims of another.

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I can't imagine Samsung are losing sleep

I expect Samsung would not recommend Netflix as a way of showing off the picture quality of their TVs either. Given all the hype about 4K, the 4K from Netflix is barely discernible over a standard HD picture. YouTube currently has the best 4K videos online but compared with the test broadcast 4K it's all lagging way behind.'s picture

Samsung / Netflix

Bravo Samsung !

I'm pretty sure that Samsung don't consider the quality of Netflix 4k broadcasts to be up to much either.

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The (now) mighty Netflix telling TV manfacturers that their TVs arent good enough. Two years ago they were reaching out to any big brand that would include them with their TV/streaming service combined at every expo under the sun.

Netflix is a disaster to european customers... 480p res on a 4 user/device "1080" HD subscription, buffering, resolution dropouts, sound dropouts, subs out of sync & to cap it off: Weedy, undynamic, thin low grade Dolby Digital plus on UHD broadcasts. They have almost doubled the cost of monthly fees in 2016...NETFLIX; how the mighty have the nerve.