NAD previews its flagship T 778 AV receiver at CEDIA Expo

NAD previews its flagship T 778 AV receiver at CEDIA Expo
(Image credit: NAD)

New from NAD here at CEDIA Expo in Denver is its nine-channel flagship AVR, the $2999/£2499 T 778, which goes on sale from November. 

An impressive tech spec list includes support for the BluOS operating system, Bluetooth aptX HD, 4K video pass-through and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) hi-res audio decoding. The unit can handle 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos soundtracks, DTS Master Audio and has Dirac Live room correction for optimum performance. Oh, and there's a nifty new touchscreen as well.

The multiple amp channels are configurable so they can be used for multichannel sound in one room or to drive audio in a second zone. Under the hood you get NAD's Hybrid Digital technology to create nine channels each delivering 100W.

NAD previews its flagship T 778 AV receiver at CEDIA Expo

No shortage of connectivity options on the back (Image credit: NAD)

Greg Stidsen, NAD's chief technology officer, says the T 778 has been designed "to please the most demanding audiophiles and videophiles. We firmly believe that there are many people for whom music will always come first."

Future upgradeability is ensured through NAD's Modular Design Construction (MDC) architecture, intended to prevent premature obsolescence.


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