Musical Fidelity M6 500i
New £3999 model is the latest in a long line of 'Super Integrated' amplifiers

New from Musical Fidelity is the M6 500i stereo amplifier, delivering 500W per channel and selling for £3999.

The company says this is the latest in a long line of 'Super Integrated' amplifiers, going all the way back to the A1000 it launched in 1990, and it's designed as a separate preamplifier and two monobloc power amplifiers in a common chassis.

A precision digital volume control is used, and the preamp, which has its own power supply, has inputs connected directly to its main circuitboard, keeping signal paths as short as possible, and maintaining very low impedance.

The power amplifiers each have their own transformer and heatsinking, and use 12 bipolar transistors apiece, enabling the amp to deliver 200amps peak to peak.

This, Musical Fidelity says, combines with the rest of the design to give the M6 500i exceptionally low distortion and excellent linearity, not to mention excellent dynamics.

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It adds "The M6 500i is effortless, fluid and dynamic.  It doesn't sound ‘loud'.  It just sounds right.  The dynamics are handled with no drama or fuss.  They come and they go.  There is no distortion; just pure undiluted music."

The casework has a custom-extruded front panel made from milspec aluminium, and the heatsinks have also been custom-made for optimal heat dissipation.

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