MUNICH SHOW: Dali launches three new speakers

The successor to Dali's Royal Menuet speaker, the new Mentor Menuet claims to be "setting new standards for sound experience and sonic performance from compact speakers".

The company has taken technology from its Mentor range and distilled it down into a cabinet measuring a mere 25x15x13cm and weighing just 4Kg.

The speakers are designed "to offer optimum performance whether positioned in bookshelves, wall-mounted or placed on floor stands". Wall-mounting is aided by threaded inserts on the rear of the speaker and the availability of a bespoke bracket that allows for suitable clearance for the Mentor Menuet's rear-facing bass port.

Hi-fi or home cinema use

As well as offering a compact stereo solution, the Mentor Menuets can also be used as cut-size rears in a Mentor home cinema set-up.

The speakers have a claimed frequency range of 68-25,000Hz; crossover frequency of 3000Hz; sensitivity of 86dB; and 4ohm impedance. Dali recommends they're powered by amps of 20-100W.

Watch this space for an exclusive review

The Mentor Menuet will be available in cherry-wood veneer and black- and white-satin finishes. It's expected to cost around £899/pair when it hits shops in late September - before which, What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision will carry the world exclusive review.

Let's twist again

Dali also unveiled two more additions to its range at the Munich Show. Firstly, the new Dali Fazon Sat - a compact LCR speaker designed to complement the company's Motif LCR range.

These compact style speakers come with a 360-degree adjustable pivoting bracket/table stand, allowing you to to 'twist 'n' tilt' the Fazon Sats into the optimum position, wherever you choose to place them in your room.

The Dali Fazon Sat will be available from September, in black or white high-gloss lacquer finish, and is expected to cost around £259 for a single speaker. Again, we'll be running a review this summer.

Living on the ceiling

If on-wall – or even in-wall – is still too prominent for you, how about in-ceiling speakers? Dali's new offering is the Phantom Kompas 6M, which claims to be "the first high-end in-ceiling loudspeaker with configurable backside loading".

In layman's terms, that means the Kompas is incredibly flexible about where and how it's fitted, making it ideal for both new and retrofit installations. its name comes from the Danish for compass – apt, considering the speaker features a laser-engraved steering compass under the grille, enabling different speakers in your set-up to be perfectly aligned.

The Dali Phantom Kompas, plus optional pre-construction bracket and back-box options, will be available by this Autumn, priced from £269. It comes in a white paintable finish, with a painting cover mask, cutout template, grille hook and Allen Key.