MUNICH SHOW: Creek launches Evolution 5350 amplifier, plans innovative phono preamp

Creek Wyndsor phono preamp

But the company is also working on an innovative phono preamp, due in the shops in a few months: the Wyndsor (pictured) is set to sell for around £895 when it goes on sale in September, and will be able to store settings for several cartridges and recall them as presets.

The Evolution 5350 amp will deliver 2x200W from a typically Creek slimline case, thanks to the use of a new bipolar modular power amp and a compact high-frequency switching power supply, which has separate outputs for left and right channels, the preamp and the digital control circuits.

There are five inputs, plus a bypass setting to enable the amp to be used with an AV receiver, and Creek's plug-in phono preamp is also featured here.

A large display shows the amp's status, and a newly-designed Evolution system remote handset is supplied.

The Wyndsor phono preamp also has a display panel, on which the user can select cartridge type, gain, loading and capacitance for both moving coil and moving magnet cartridges. These settings can then be named and stored as presets for instant recall.

Separate left and right channel circuitboards are used, along with separate power supplies for each channel, and the Wyndsor offers both balanced and single-ended inputs and outputs.

The unit is built in the same compact casework as the Wyndsor speed controller for Creek's turntable, and will be available in September.