Morel upgrades Octave Signature series

Israeli speaker specialist Morel has upgraded its Octave Signature series with an add-on subwoofer that turns the standard bookshelf speaker into a three-way floorstander.

Designed and built in Israel, the Octave Signature bookshelf speaker uses a 13cm bass/midrange driver equipped with a large 7.6cm voice coil inside of which is placed the magnet system. Morel claims this results in deeper, more powerful bass.

The tweeter uses an Acuflex soft dome fitted with neodymium magnets, contributing to "an open and spacious sound".

Unusually, Morel uses no damping whatsoever within the speaker cabinet, just strategically placed partitions.

The really clever part, however, is the optional Octave Signature subwoofer with a pair of 23cm woofers that slots beneath the standard speaker to turn it into a three-way floorstander.

The crossover is set at 150Hz so the top part of the speaker no longer has to reproduce deep bass, "thus improving power handling and allowing the midrange to sound more transparent".

A complete 5.1 system can be constructed using a pair of Signature bookshelf speakers with matching subwoofers for the front left/right channels, the Octave Signature centre channel speaker and a pair of Signature bookshelf speakers at the rear.

All the Octave Signature speakers are available in red, black or white piano gloss finishes.

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