Moon adds a phono stage to its updated 250i integrated amplifier

Moon 250i v2
(Image credit: Moon)

Canadian audio brand Moon has updated its 250i integrated amplifier, adding a moving magnet phono stage for the first time and updating the internal circuits to deliver better sound quality.

Readers playing a game of spot-the-difference might be disappointed: on the surface, the new 250i v2 looks very much identical to the outgoing 250i model. The stereo amplifier remains an all-analogue affair with 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms (or 100W into 4 ohms). 

But all the changes have been made internally. The circuit design has been upgraded with 'next-generation' semiconductors to help improve sound quality, says Moon, and there is a new shield to the power supply.

Most importantly, it now sports a moving magnet phono stage so vinyl fans can, finally, plug a turntable into the amp. In terms of connections, you get five line level RCA inputs (including the phono input with ground), a pair of pre-outs and a single set of speaker terminals on the rear panel. Additionally, there is a 3.5mm analogue input and a 6.3mm headphone jack on the front panel. 

Moon 250i v2

(Image credit: Moon)

Cosmetically the design remains the same, but the chassis is rigid and designed to reduce any unwanted vibrations. And like all other Moon products, the 250i v2 is designed and manufactured in Canada. 

The amp comes in two finishes: all black or a two-tone silver and black version. The new Moon 250i V2 amplifier is available now for £2350 / $2400 / AU$3600.


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  • jjbomber
    Still no digital inputs, so only a Half Moon.
  • nopiano
    Funnily enough I rather like that there are still a few proper analogue amps left, with no digital gubbins inside. Never mind that DACs change with the season, whereas ‘straight’ amps can last decades.
  • gambertuni
    Does this new version of the 250i have the feature of working as a class A amp on the first 5 Watts? I'm trying to find out since this is not mentioned in its description on the SIM-Audio website...