Apple HomePod Mini will soon be available in orange, red and blue

Apple HomePod Mini colours
(Image credit: Apple)

Well it hasn't announced a new 'big' HomePod, but Apple has given its HomePod Mini a little love during its Unleashed event. The news isn't massive by any means, but it will please those who like the idea of putting the small, affordable smart speaker in every room of the house, because it's shortly going to be available in three new colours – orange, blue and yellow.

The black and white versions will continue in the range, so there will soon be five different HomePod Minis available. How soon? Apple says that the new colours will launch in November.

Pricing will remain the same in the US and Australia, at $99 and AU$149 respectively, but the HomePod Mini appears to have had a cheeky little discount for the UK, with the price on Apple's site having dropped from £99 to £89. There are no changes in terms of specs or features, but that's fine by us – we like the HomePod Mini so much, we just gave it one of our 2021 What Hi-Fi? Awards.

But how long will it be the only HomePod? Will the HomePod 2 ever arrive? How about the rumoured Apple soundbar? It seems that those questions will still be lingering into 2022.


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