Mix-Style headphones
New range of over-ear, in-ear and clip-on headphones take their design cues from Japanese street fashion, available in 16 colours

Headphones featuring bold, stylish designs influenced by the street fashions of Harajuku, Tokyo will arrive in the UK at the end of January.

HiFiHeadphones is bringing a range of Mix-Style over-ear, in-ear and clip-on cans to the British market, available in a choice of 16 colours/designs.

Finished in a soft-to-touch elastomer coating and with durable cabling, all Mix-Style headphones have a 3.5mm jack for connecting to portable music and video players.

They're available online from the HiFiHeadphones website; the foldable star-green model shown sells for £60, in-ear models start from £40.

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