Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds are certified for Zoom, Teams and Google Meet

Logitech Zone True Wireless: earbuds for video calls
(Image credit: Logitech)

Logitech can't stop a small child gatecrashing your next video conference, but it can offer you a pair of business-like wireless earbuds designed to replace bulky headsets.

The company says its new Zone True Wireless Earbuds are the first-ever buds to be certified by "all three major cloud conferencing platforms" – Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. The certification supposedly "sets a higher bar" for voice audio.

Support for Bluetooth and Logitech's wireless USB receiver (which comes in the box) is another unique feature. This set-up allows Zone True Wireless Earbuds to stay connected to your phone (via Bluetooth) and your computer (via USB receiver) simultaneously, making it easy to switch between devices.

You also get active noise cancelling, with three mics in each bud working to separate your voice from pesky external sounds. There's a transparency mode too, so you can speak to anyone who might burst into the room without having to remove the buds from your ears.

Logitech claims the true wireless earbuds deliver "double the battery life of leading consumer devices" – a bold claim but not completely unfounded, on paper anyway. From what their specs show, the battery life of the earbuds is six hours talk time or nine hours listening time with ANC switched on. With ANC switched off, that extends to 6.5 hours and 12 hours, and that latter figure is particularly impressive considering most earbud battery lives from a single charge from the case are considerably less.

The Zone True Wireless buds will be available in two colours, Graphite and Rose, alongside a wired version called the Zone Wired Earbuds, which connect to your computer or phone via USB-C, USB-A or the traditional 3.5mm port.

Want to make video calls without looking like you work in a call centre? The Zone True Wireless earbuds cost £299 ($299, AU$375) and the Zone Wired Earbuds cost £100 ($99, AU$140). US buyers can pre-order soon for delivery in "Fall 2021".


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