Logitech launches an all-in-one Squeezebox network player with a Boom

Squeezebox Boom

It's a new all-in-one stereo system with amplification and built-in speakers, plus an Internet radio. Not only can it stream music from your PC or Mac but it can also communicate to other Slim Devices products around your home, giving you a complete home network system.

File compatability looks like being a strong point for the Boom, with Apple Lossless, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis and AIFF included on the extensive list of audio formats that the unit can play.

The Boom supports 802.11g wireless networking and has 'always on' Internet radio using the SqueezeNetwork connection.

A high gloss black finish and large, high-resolution display, make for a striking looking machine, while there's also a small black remote control included, too. The speakers meanwhile take the form of two 3in long-throw woofers and two 0.75in soft-dome tweeters.

Out this month, the Squeezebox Boom will set you back £200.