Loewe bild 9 is a striking, slim OLED TV

Loewe is known for making some of the most eye-catching TVs around, and its latest flagship is no different. Called bild 9, it comes with an unusual triangular stand to help it fit nicely in the corner of the room as well as making it even more of a conversation-piece.

It's an OLED set, which should mean fantastic black levels the likes of which are impossible with LCD TVs. It's also equipped for Dolby Vision, promising high dynamic range images with an awesome depth and colour gamut.

Like all the best designs, the bild 9 doesn't give up all its secrets at once. Switch it on and the screen slides up to reveal a soundbar (the same trick as seen on last year's bild 7). Its six speakers and four passive bass membranes are driven by 120w of power - Loewe intends a warm and substantial sound.

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It's a smart set, too. Connect it to the internet and you can stream music from Tidal, or watch TV shows and films from services like Amazon Prime Video.

Worried that, once you've hooked up your UHD Blu-ray player, Sky Q and what-have-you, all those cables will prove unsightly? Don't be. There's a fabric cover on the back to conceal all the connections and cables.

The TV itself is just 7mm deep, and comes in 55in or 65in sizes. And the price? Predictably, it's not cheap. It starts at £6990.

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