LG's latest OLED panel is transparent and completely rollable

This isn't the first 77in OLED screen LG has produced - that was the W7 'wallpaper' television launched at CES 2017 - but the company's latest display is its most flexible yet.

The wallpaper TV is also flexible (we've seen it in action), but this screen is able to be rolled up into a tube just 8cm in diameter. LG has been working on the technology for a while, investing $905m into it, but that degree of control is still impressive.

The display is also pretty transparent - 40 per cent to be exact, which is about as much as tinted glass.

Don't expect to see transparent flexible TVs just yet, as LG is keeping these screens for advertising signage for the moment. However, it's a testament to how far the tech has come.

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